The Book of Books


All books are photobooks.

All books are homeprinted and manually binded by manuel ferreira & silva, porto.


They began to happen around 2000 when quality inkjetprinters became affordable.

Now there are about 60 of them.


Some books have little books inside of them.

Some are travelbooks.

One is about my orangetree.

Another is about breathing.

Lots of them are diaries, like the yoga diaries.

Some are about loss, illness and death.

Some are about the forest.

Many are about partying.

One is a one photo book – the mirror book.


Atmen, the mirror book, casas, dallas, halfway to rome, orange, moritz, out of the blues, montepalace, give me back my hat, flowers for pedro, corno de bico are some of their titles.

Some books don’t have a title.